SVTP Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether - FAQ

Help, it doesn't work on my phone.
Sorry to hear that. There are three options here:
  1. Some phones don't include the required hardware or software. They can't work.
  2. Some phone are locked by their carriers so you need to subscribe to a carrier plan in order for the wifi hotspot or USB tether to work
  3. Some phones work with this app. Please see the help page for suggestions on how to get your phone working. In short, change to open security, change the network name, and run ipconfig on a laptop if necesary.
Can I get a refund?
Yes, within 5 days of purchase. For Google Play Store, please use this instant-refund form: For PayPal, please email me at and be sure to include your paypal email if it's not the one you are using now.
Would you please make it work for my phone?
I am trying to improve compatibility with more phones, so it's possible, but not guaranteed. Please check back on the app page in the market to see the latest list of which phones work or don't work.
Will my carrier charge me for using this app?
I have never heard of anyone incurring charges from using this app. Generally, carriers either block the app so it won't work at all, or they don't block it. I imagine they cannot legally charge you a fee unless you explicitly agree to pay them a fee.
Will this app stop working?
It's possible a carrier could block this app in the future through an over-the-air software update, either intentionally or unintentionally.
In this case, I'll do my best to keep the app working, but it's not guaranteed.
I moved to a new phone, how can I get the app to work?
Just use the same Google account and Android Market should let you download it again for free. Or for PayPal, just enter the same email you used for the original purchase.
Is this a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription?
This app is a one time purchase. However, some carriers lock their phones so this app won't work unless you also subscribe to their service.
How do I buy the Pro version?
Please click here for options to buy the Pro version.
What's the difference between the Lite and the Pro versions?
The Lite version is just intended for testing if it works on your phone; it's not intended to be a useful long-term solution. It gives you two days to start with to set up and try the system, and then a 5-minute window once a day after that.
If I buy it through PayPal, how will I get updates?
The app will check for updates when you run it.
I'd like to beta test new releases.
Great! You can join this discussion group and you will receive email when there is a new release coming soon.